Sunday, November 3, 2013

Grace Like Rain

Greetings, Songbirds!

     I have missed our time together! I recently saw a video played on T.V. that got the wheels spinnin', and this post is the result! I have a question for you;  How would you describe yourself? Do you think the description is accurate? What do you think others would say about you? And God, what do you think He thinks about you?
     I want to show you this clip, even though it is aimed at mothers, I think anyone can relate to it...just fill in the blank. It's titled A New Perspective for Moms it was created by Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC.

     Any dry eyes out there? My daughters are moms themselves now, but I still boohooed! I could relate to all of these moms. I tell people that our girls turned out so well despite the fact that I am their mom, and I mean it. It really struck a cord with me and got me to thinking just how skewed our view is of ourselves, especially in relation to the important people and things in our lives.
     I like to think I know myself pretty well. I know how flawed I am! I can rattle off every negative aspect of my personality with no problem. BUT my positive traits? What I like about myself? MUCH harder to come up with. And compliments? Do they make you as uncomfortable as they do me?
     It seems as though we view ourselves on how well, or how poorly we think we have performed. We base it on what we define as a success or a failure. That is why I think it is so very difficult for me to take any credit on how totally AWESOME all three of our daughters are. They turned out so well, despite the fact that I did SO MUCH WRONG while they were growing up.
     So, if we base our perspective on who we are as a person on how well or how poorly we perform, how do you think that affects our perspective toward our relationship with God? I can tell you, that for me, I have struggled in the past with the idea that God was in a constant state of anger with me. It is hard (if not impossible) to grow intimacy in a relationship with someone to whom we think is constantly angry toward us.
     Grace can be such a hard concept to grasp. We have to erase the perspective we hold onto so tightly that how we perform is who we are. We forget that our relationship with God is based on grace and who He is.
    They say men tend to base their identity on their occupation, yet their occupation is what they do, not who they are. Women really can't cop out of that statement because we do the same thing, we just focus on whatever we have poured our lives into, either our children, our jobs, or our talents in other areas, etc..
     Truth is, it's not about what we do or have done. It is about who HE is and what HE has done for us! That's GOOD NEWS! That's THE GOOD NEWS! Grace is received at the cross, sealed by the blood of the Lamb...FOREVER. BOOM!
     My song and my prayer for us all today, is that we REST in this magnificent truth, which is that acceptance has already been imparted to us, we just need to receive it! We can take a big sigh of relief, instead of a big sigh of despair as did the mom depicted in the video. We can experience grace, Grace Like Rain  pouring down, just as the song by the same title is so beautifully illustrated by Todd Agnew .

    ...And grace my fears relieved. Amen.




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